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At home with Maileg: Simple play ideas for your miniature friends.

Simple play ideas for your miniature friends. 1. Create nature beds from leaves and moss.   You can add bark blankets or any special piece of nature you have on hand, or in the garden. 2. Give your mice a pretend mug bath. You can even hang their little clothes on a washing line.Adding in elements from everyday life makes for magical play and helps our children consider new ways of play. Allow yourself and your children to get creative with ideas. or keep it simple. 3. A basket of joy A simple basket to carry your Maileg treasures can add some whimsy. 4. Maileg Furniture and accessories. There is no shame in buckling to the cuteness of Maileg furniture and...

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Everything you need to know about the Connetix Geometry magnetic tiles pack!

Connetix 30 Piece Magnetic Tiles Set Connetix have done it again, and we have the brand new Geometry pack hitting our shelves in July 2021. Connetix Tiles are our number one recommended toy at Children of the Wild. Played with and approved by our own children daily, and hundreds of our customers. So what's so exciting about the new pack? After listening to customers valuable feedback, Connetix have redesigned their triangles to make a complete circle (dodecagon). They will be available to purchase in this brand new geometry pack.  The pack also offers an expansion pack to those wanting to add hexagons to thir collection, but don't need something as large as the mage pack. Or perhaps they have the mega pack, but...

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A How to Guide on Pressing Flowers

Pressing Flowers is a craft that has been around since the Victorian era when it was used for preserving plant specimens. Sow n' Sow has landed in our store. A beautiful collection of products from seeds and gloriously designed cards, to beautiful flower presses that can be cherished. All made right here in Australia. The joy is in the experience so take your time, enjoy picking the blooms, arranging them in your press and then revealing the pressed beauties.

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