When to Purchase Grapat sets for your child that are age appropriate.

When to Purchase Grapat sets for your child that are age appropriate.

Grapat is a toy that changes for children as they age, and can last throughout childhood as children discover new purposes and ways to play. But what sets are suitable for what ages? Here we will give you a list of all of the sets you can purchase within their recommended safety tested age.

Sets suitable from infancy.

These are the sets that are perfectly safe from birth and beyond. 

1. Honeycomb Beakers Natural loose parts
This set includes 6 honycomb beakers made from natural wood and finished in natural waxes.

2. Natural Cups Loose Parts

This set includes 6 Natural Cups made from natural wood and finished in natural waxes.

Children_of_the_Wild_Australia Grapat Natural Cups- 6 Pieces

3. Grapat Natural Half Sphere Rounds

Children_of_the_Wild_Australia Grapat Natural Half Sphere Rounds

Sets suitable from 10 months +

1. Grapat Wooden Mates 

Grapat mates are small wooden cups or ‘gourds’, perfectly sized for the Grapat Nins or Magos peg dolls to be popped in and out and perfect for stacking.

2. Grapat Natural Cones


Sets suitable from 1 year plus
12 months +

1.Grapat 12 Magos Wizards

Each Nins Magos has a hat in 12 different rainbow colours

2.Grapat Rainbow Tomtens

  • Includes 6 Rainbow Nin Tomten

3. Grapat Nins Dark Warm

4. Grapat Wooden Toys - Seasons

Each set is made up of 4 different shaped elements that provide a perfect first loose parts set, allowing children to explore: in and out, over, under, hide and seek, to stack and sort and to play with imagination through story telling and small world play. Available in four sets of each Season. 

5. Construction Base Platform

Children_of_the_Wild_Australia Grapat Construction Base Platform - 2020 New Item

6. Grapat Reels in three forms - 3 Pieces

This set of three Grapat natural wooden reels, in three different forms, provide a sensory experience for for young children and simple materials for open ended, exploratory play.

Grapat natural wooden reels in three different forms

7. Grapat Disks Natural - 6 Pieces

This Grapat set of 6 natural wooden disks provides inspiration for young children to sort, count and stack. These disks have one curved side and one flat side allowing balancing skills to be developed alongside those of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. These beautiful natural disks are appealing to touch and provide a great sensory experience for young children.

Sets suitable from 1.5 years plus
18 months +

1. Grapat Nins Carla - 120 Pieces

The Nin’s Carla is a 120 piece wooden loose part set of Nins, Rings and Coins. This is a stunning set in graduated rainbow colours giving enormous scope for colour and shape sorting, counting, matching and stacking.

Contains: 12  Nins, 36 Coins and 72 Rings in 12 rainbow colours.

2. Grapat Balls Natural - 6 pieces

3. Grapat Balls Colour - 6 pieces

3. Grapat Coins

Grapat coins are available in a variety of sized and colour packs, providing inspiration for young children to sort, count and stack.

4. Grapat Rings

Grapat rings are available in a variety of sized and colour packs, providing inspiration for young children to sort, count and stack.



Sets suitable from 3 years plus
36 months +

1. Perpetual Calendar

2. 7 Moons

The Grapat 7 moons Weekly Calendar helps children to experience the weekly cyclic rhythm. Children will associate each day with a colour, allowing them to touch each day as it comes and goes and helping them to understand the passage of the days.

The Grapat Weekly Calendar 7 Moons includes 7 acorn Nins, 7 cups and a Wooden Dish. 

3. Grapat Lola Wooden Set

Lola is one of the most magnificent wooden sets yet from Grapat. Containing 72 loose pieces.

Lola set includes: 12 big Lola , 12 mid Lola, 12 small Lola, 12 Tubes , 12 Solid Tubes and 12 half Tubes

4. Grapat Baby Nins

When combined with Grapat Nins and Adult Nins, they can represent different generations adding an extra element to imaginary play. 

Six Baby Nins come in their own coconut shell for storage or to be used as a cosy bed.

5. Grapat Wooden Bugs and Insects

This symbolic set of 18 insects is another inspiring open ended element that can be used in an unlimited number of ways. 

Perfect for counting, sorting and creative play.

Set Contains 18 wooden bugs: 6 Ladybirds L 40mm / 6 Slugs L 52 mm / 6 Ants L 44 mm.

 5. Nest Bowls

The Grapat 24 Wooden Nest Bowls come in four different sizes and in 6 colours. Each of the 6 rainbow colour bowl sets contains 4 bowls in a gradient of its hue, from brighter to a lighter shade.


6. Grapat Nest Rings - 24 Pieces

6. Grapat Marbles

Grapat Mandalas

1. Grapat Mandala - Honeycomb

36 small wooden honeycombs in three shades of yellow

 2. Grapat Mandala - Brown Mushrooms

Children_of_the_Wild_Australia Grapat Mandala Mushroom

3. Grapat Mandala Eggs

36 small wooden eggs in 3 shades of purple.

Children_of_the_Wild_Australia Grapat Mandala Eggs

4. Grapat Mandala Fire

36 small wooden flames in shades of red

5. Grapat Mandala Little Blue Coin

36 mini wooden coins in 3 different shades of blue.

6. Grapat Mandala Little Green Cones

36 little cone pieces in 3 different shades of green

7. Grapat Mandala Orange Cones

36 small wooden cones in 3 shades of orange

Children_of_the_Wild_Australia Grapat Mandala Little Orange Cones

8. Grapat Mandala Pink Flowers

36 little flowers pieces in 3 different shades of pink

Children_of_the_wild_Australia Grapat Mandala Little Pink Flowers

9. Grapat Wooden Mandala Trees

36 small wooden trees in 3 shades of green


 10. Grapat Small Grey Stones - Mandala Wooden Loose Parts

Includes 36 small wooden stones in 3 shades of grey

Grapat Small Wooden Stones in 3 shades of grey


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