Introducing Connetix Ball Runs

Introducing Connetix Ball Runs

In all it's glory, we introduce you to the Connetix Ball Run which will go live on the store Monday 2 November for pre-order. 


With stunning uniquely fluted clear tunnels, so your children can follow the ball through their ball run creations, as well as three brand new and distinctive pieces.


It is no surprise that the Connetix Ball Run has been designed to be both attractive, and functional. Connetix tiles themselves are known to be the most beautiful on the market, with their carefully designed bevelled tile, allowing incredible strength without the need for ugly internal bracing. The set includes 92 pieces and is an expansion pack to be used in conjunction with tiles. The tiles will need to be purchased separately. 

Individual Pieces include:

6 x balls
2 x bowls
2 x long stairs
8 x slides
12 x 90 degree bends (corners)
8 x U shapes
8 x short straight pieces
6 x long straight pieces
2 x snake pieces (wavy one)
2 x Y shaped pieces
36 connecting tiles (with holes)


Q. What are the balls made out of?
A: The set includes 6 wooden balls.


Piece 1:

The stair case piece, one of the brand new and never before seen pieces. The ball can be heard as it bumps down the stairs.


Piece 2: The Y shape

The ball runs are being flown in with the intention of being posted out in the first week of December. What we know from this year is that customs and other delays can often be outside our control. We are subsequently asking you to consider the possibility that these may not arrive in time, despite our best efforts, and to purchase with this knowledge in mind.

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