Everything you need to know about the Connetix Geometry magnetic tiles pack!

Connetix 30 Piece Magnetic Tiles Set

Connetix have done it again, and we have the brand new Geometry pack hitting our shelves in July 2021.

Connetix Tiles are our number one recommended toy at Children of the Wild. Played with and approved by our own children daily, and hundreds of our customers.

So what's so exciting about the new pack?

After listening to customers valuable feedback, Connetix have redesigned their triangles to make a complete circle (dodecagon). They will be available to purchase in this brand new geometry pack. 

The pack also offers an expansion pack to those wanting to add hexagons to thir collection, but don't need something as large as the mage pack. Or perhaps they have the mega pack, but would like more hexagons in the mix.

The Geometry Pack includes hexagons, Connetix newly designed isosceles triangles (yes! they can form a full dodecagon), and equilateral triangles. We hope this pack will be the perfect addition to any Connetix sets you may already have and expand your possibilities for play and learning with Connetix.

What you need to know:

  • The isosceles triangles in this pack have been designed to complement our original Connetix shapes including squares.
  • The newly designed isosceles triangles can be easily distinguished from the original isosceles based on the shape and rivet placement (we are confident you won’t get the two confused and will be able to easily identify for play).
  • The current product range of Connetix will continue to have the original isosceles until further advised (please note, this will not change within the next few months).

What's included?

  • 6 x Hexagons
  • 12 x Equilateral triangles
  • 12 x Isosceles triangles

The geometry pack includes one of each rainbow colour hexagon, and two of each rainbow colour in the isosceles and equilateral triangles.

How much will the be?
The 30 piece set is priced at $70. The per piece break down works out at $2.33 each, which would be waited to those six large hexagon shapes.
They will be available to purchase in July 2021 from us at Children of the Wild.
Don't forget we also offer free local collection, capped $8 shipping and free shipping over $180
You can purchase the here.


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