Connetix Magnetic Tiles: How small business became a driver of success

Connetix Magnetic Tiles: How small business became their driver of success

Did you know we were amongst the earliest connetix stockists?

A small start up from Western Australia. Their popularity was grown by a dedicated collection of small stores and influencers that believed in the brand and the product.

A collaboratove relationship with small businesses led Connetix Magnetic Tiles to be one of the most popular toys on the market.

It was one of my own reps that convinced me I must try Connetix magnetic tiles. I had tried many brands, mostly borrowing over the years from toy libraries. When it came to stocking magnetic tiles in my own store, it was important to me that we had the best. We tried everything available on the market. We fell in love with Connetix. Their bevelled design created strength, allowing the elimination of the ugly bracing seen in earlier designs on the market, leaving a clear attractive face. The magnets were also larger, and stronger, but not so strong as to become a danger to tiny fingers. As string magnets can be a risk of pinched skin. They also riveted the tiles, making them one of the safer designs available.

Edan playing with Connetix Magnetic tiles

They became one of the most utilised toys in my own home, and through showing my children's play, one of the most popular items in my store. Now, they are amongst the most recognised of magnetic tile brands in the world. But still majority stocked by tiny businesses like us.

Playing with connetix tiles on the driveway

Small business have collectively grown many, many small brands and start ups in Australia. Small businesses are the most likely to give start ups a chance. That was the story with Connetix, and they similtaneously prioritised giving tiny stores a chance.

I love watching brands grow, and it's an amazing g feeling to be a part of that growth. I love seeing their creativity flow once they have the ability to invest in creating new products. We've seen that with Connetix as they have developed many brand new to market products, expanding their range.

But you as our customer, shopping small, you help build these businesses every time you choose to buy their products. We do indeed have power together. When you look around at the small business items in your home, I hope you feel pride in your choice, and the incredible wide spread effects of that choice.

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