Schleich Hereford Cow 13867

Schleich Hereford Cow 13867

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Schleich Hereford Cow 13867

Hereford cattle come from the English county of Herefordshire, where they have been bred since the 17th century. They are extremely good-natured and undemanding animals. Since they can survive in almost any climatic conditions, they are now bred throughout the world, from Australia to Argentina. A fully grown cow weighs 600 to 800 kg, while a fully grown bull weighs 900 to 1,350 kg. This Schleich Hereford Cow has been professionally sculpted in a standing pose with textured hair. Completed in a hand-painted finish, this cow makes a great mother to the Schleich Hereford Calf.

Cows can’t understand human language, but they can distinguish between a friendly and an unfriendly tone of voice. They can also tell from the tone of voice whether someone is serious and sincere.

Cows show affection by licking each others’ heads, shoulders and backs. If they are separated from their friends, they often get stressed and sad. It’s not difficult for cows to tell each other apart: they have unique voices and scents. In addition, the animals can identify up to 100 faces from their herd and are highly intelligent. Not only can they solve puzzles, but they actually really enjoy them. If they work out how to open a gate with a button, they jump up and down and frolic around.

Fun fact

Cows and their calves have an extremely deep, life-long bond. They lick and nibble at each other. If they are separated, they can recognise each other later on from their voice and scent. When calves play, they run around, buck up or gently ram each other’s heads.

Released 2018.

Approx: 13.8 x 4.1 x 7.9cm (LWH)

Suitable for ages 3+. Made from PVC, painted with non-toxic acrylic paints.