Connetix Earth Pastels and Rainbow Mega Magnetic Tiles Pack Bundles | 414 Pieces | Children of the Wild | Ships Free
Connetix Earth Pastels and Rainbow Mega Magnetic Tiles Pack Bundles | 414 Pieces | Children of the Wild | Ships Free
Connetix Earth Pastels and Rainbow Mega Magnetic Tiles Pack Bundles | 414 Pieces | Children of the Wild | Ships Free

Connetix Earth Pastels and Rainbow Mega Magnetic Tiles Pack Bundles | 414 Pieces | Children of the Wild | Ships Free

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Connetix Earth Pastels and Rainbow Mega Magnetic Tiles Bundle Pack

Connetix Tiles – Fostering creativity, imagination and learning through PLAY!

This Mega pack bundle includes both the pastel and rainbow Mega Packs. That is 414 pieces all together. This bundle is perfect for large families, family day cares, childcare centres and schools.

The Connetix Earth Pastels range is here, and they are BEAUTIFUL! The pastels are made to perfectly complement the rainbow set.

Providing endless possibilities for creativity and learning through PLAY, our Pastel Mega Pack is the perfect option for siblings, family and/or friends to enjoy building MEGA Connetix creations together!

What's included in the Pastel set?

Featuring all our standard tile shapes in 8 unique earthy pastel colours PLUS two car bases. Expand the range of colours children know with our hues of rose, berry, peach, mint, emerald, lemon, violet and sapphire.

  • 16 x Large squares
  • 48 x Small squares
  • 32 x Equilateral triangles
  • 32 x Right angle triangles
  • 32 x Isosceles triangles
  • 8 x Large hexagons
  • 8 x Window square pieces
  • 8 x Hollow square pieces (door frames)
  • 8 x Rectangles
  • 8 x Fences
  • 2 x cars
  • Idea Booklet

 What's included in the Rainbow Set?

Featuring every shape in each rainbow colour – including 6 large hexagonal tiles PLUS 2 purple car bases.

  • 12 x Large squares
  • 6 x Large hexagons
  • 36 x Small squares
  • 36 x Equilateral triangles
  • 36 x Right angle triangles
  • 36 x Isosceles triangles
  • 12 x Window pieces
  • 12 x door pieces
  • 12 x Rectangles
  • 12 x fences
  • 2 x car bases
  • Idea Booklet

    Connetix Tiles are our number one recommended toy at Children of the Wild. Played with and approved by our own children daily, and hundreds of our customers.

  • Designed using stronger magnets to take your creations to a whole new level.
  • Made using food grade ABS plastic
  • Ultrasonically riveted tiles for extra safety.
  • Inverted design makes Connetix Tiles stronger & more scratch resistant
  • The clear appearance allows for beautiful reflections.
  • Compatible with all other leading magnetic tile brands (Playmags, magnatiles, learn and grow, Magblox).
  • Recommended for children 3 years plus.
  • Connetix are an open-ended toy that grows with each child. Watch their play and creativity become more involved and complex as they learn and develop.


    Connetix Tiles allow children to construct 2D and 3D shapes, using their imagination and creativity to play and build. Your play will only be limited by your imagination. Our magnetic tiles encourage cognitive development, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills and help children build knowledge around scientific and mathematical concepts – all through PLAY!

    Not only that, children can play independently or with friends and family, supporting important social skills such as teamwork, cooperation, perseverance and resilience. Create big castles and towers, build new homes for favourite toys, play with light, build marble towers and coin drops, or explore 3D shapes and patterns.

    Our children love playing with Connetix Tiles and we think yours will enjoy them too!

    Connetix tiles are incredibly strong but not indestructible. Stepping on, throwing and large crashes can compromise them. Regularly check tiles and on the rare occasion a tile breaks, dispose of it for safety as it contains small parts.

    Clean your tiles using a clean plain cloth. Do not submerge as water exposure can cause them to rust. 

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