Bauspiel Glitter Roofs 12 Piece Set | Children of the Wild
Bauspiel Glitter Roofs 12 Piece Set | Children of the Wild
Bauspiel Glitter Roofs 12 Piece Set | Children of the Wild

Bauspiel Glitter Roofs 12 Piece Set | Children of the Wild

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Bauspiel Glitter Roofs 12 Pieces

  • 12 pieces, 2 each of 6 shapes.
  • Made from alder wood

    Bauspiel Glitter roofs -12 parts in a box.

    Playing with light and colour, this  wooden block set of roofs, with bright coloured inlaid jewel windows will bring a magical quality to the creation of imaginative constructed worlds.

    Bauspiel quality wooden toys foster creative open ended play, supporting healthy child development.

    About Bauspiel Toys:

    All Bauspiel wooden toys characterize the very highest quality of professional craftmanship, meet the EU safety standards and incorporate only the best European sustainable woods, such as lime, alder, beech, maple and cherry. The colouring and oiling of which, helps preserve and enhance the beauty and nature of the grain.
    On closer inspection the outstanding quality of each piece can be seen and is emphasized by the slightly irregularly rounded off corners – an effect expressly desired to highlight its uniqueness.
    The infinite “open end” combination possibilities of our building sets, together with their bright colours and sparkling elements, help to promote and encourage a child’s spontaneity, improvisation and
    creative versatility. Bauspiel seeks to appeal to both aesthetically and technically oriented
    children, who can thus inspire each other and create wonderful play worlds together.

    Recommended for ages 3 years and older. 

    The array of colours are bright and vibrant, produced to encourage creativity in young minds. Surfaces are made to be 'grippy', improving their stackability in building as an open-ended resource. The secret of this range is that the different sets work well together to create an amazingly varied way of stacking, placing and building. 

    Bauspiel began in 1983, and remains German owned and manufactured. All toys are of high-quality with great design, and gorgeous colours. They are handcrafted in Augsburg, Germany and have been used in German kindergartens for many decades.

    All Bauspiel products are hand-finished and unique. As a natural product, mild variations will occur in shape, grain, with some pieces containing wood knots, and markings otherwise referred to as "birth marks".  Bauspiel celebrates the visibility of the hand of the maker; the individuality of the wood and how it absorbs the colours. We hope you will love the uniqueness of each of their beuatiful products as much as we do.

    Please note that Bauspiel stepped blocks are a different scale than Grimms blocks at 2.5cm vs 5cm.