About Us

Children of the Wild 
Welcome and thank you for joining me here at Children of the Wild.
Hi, My name is Amber-lea. I live within the leafy and picturesque Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne, Australia. Here I am Mama and teacher to my three homeschooled wildlings, and a certified lover of quality, sustainable products.

Our store went live in 2019, but our story started long before, as I developed a strong understanding and appreciation of ethical and slow manufacture via my work in activism and politics. As all great loves do, this focus on quality and sustainability crept into every corner of our lives, from our wardrobes, to my children's toys.

In 2017, and with the decision to leave my career in politics, I decided to follow my passions and begun searching the globe for the absolute best clothing, toys, decor and children's furniture. Over two years, we researched, tried and tested brands and products in order to curate a collection that was aesthetically pleasing, and met my very strict standards in sustainable and ethical manufacture and production, with quality that is seldom seen in modern production today.
We believe that toys, your furniture and even your clothing should be an investment. As parents, we want the best for our children, and that is what we strive to present for you. We've carefully selected products that are made with thought and care, to both last and be timeless in their design as well as their appearance, so that they can be enjoyed, not only by your children now, but can be passed on, and used into the future.
Amber-lea xx